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Private Mentoring sessions 1:1 - £30 per session Sessions in the home environment for children and adolescents with Autism Activities and style of sessions differ according to difficulties and strengths Frequency of sessions optional Fundamentals package - £240 - 8 Sessions 8 sessions programme - Facial expressions - Body language - Communication - Emotions - Self regulation - intro to anxiety management - Organisational skills - Conclusion Attending meetings - £15 - £25 dependent on time scale Attend meetings to support parents - Offer advice - Gather knowledge of the young persons behaviour and abilities in different environments Family support sessions - £30 -Support and understanding -Autism awareness - Coping skills -Strategies Sessions exploring strategies to support the home environment. (Not parenting skills!) Free consultation - free discussion regarding - *Needs and difficulties as identified by parents/carers and professionals *General information such as likes and dislikes, hobbies and interests, family dynamics, friends, school etc *Goals and expectations, time scales (if one) Community access - Various prices Visits to pubic areas to improve skills such as:- Sensory difficulties Social interactions Safety awareness Life skills Communication Transition work Anxiety management Sibling Support - £25 Sibling support sessions available Home environment or elsewhere if appropriate Support Coping skills Autism awareness training