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About Me

One of a Kind - Autism Support Services

Welcome to my Website, My name is Sally Wood, and in 2015 I set up 'One of a Kind - Autism Support Services', which provides mentoring support to children and adolescents with Autism.
I worked within the children's psychiatric health sector as an Occupational Therapy assistant for five years developing a true passion for supporting children with Autism. I received training specifically focused on Autism and associated difficulties but also on mental health disorders and behavioural issues. One of a Kind provides client centred, personalised sessions based in their home environment. These are individually focused according to the expressed needs of the family, carers and professionals as well the individual themselves. These sessions evolve each time and the programme is devised to incorporate current/new developments. These session can also take place outside the home environment. Support to parents in meetings is also offered if required. After each session a summary report is provided for the parent/carer. This contains a summary and strategies to be utilised by their support network. These reports can be shared with education or any other appropriate professional if needed. Our approach is flexible according to the person’s strengths, interests and abilities. It is also relevant to their current circumstances and anticipated challenges. Sibling and family support is offered to develop comprehension of the condition and provide ongoing advice as to how to maximise their family member’s wellbeing and manage their own feelings. To continuously develop skills and knowledge I participate in courses and training and receive private supervision from a range of professionals regularly. I have a current DBS check and can provide references from professionals I have worked with and testimonials from families currently being supported.
My skills, experience and training Communication skills Introduction to ASD Sexually inappropriate behaviour Adolescent and adult ADHD Practical strategies for supporting children with an ASD What does Aspergers look like? Creating an ASD friendly environment
Managing violence in Autism Assault cycle Autism Awareness trainer training Makaton training Working memory Various mental health training courses PDA